Drawings and sketches

From her first years of artistic studies Rolande Hubert-Leveugle was noticed by her sure and expressive “pencil stroke”. She maintains her gift by making copies of the great masters and by always having a sketchbook at hand to “sketch” his environment at any time.

Her children and grandchildren are her favorite models. The animals of the family do not escape her pencils either, with more or less good will…

Before executing a portrait in pastel, she often makes a study before the portrait in order to understand the personality of the model.

Reproductions from original works

Series of drawings- The first grandson of R.H.l.

Sketches and watercolors of animals and flowers

Copy of drawings

Pre-Portrait Studies and Pen and Ink Drawings (from documents)

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Photo - R.H.L. et son modèle

R.H.L. et son modèle



Dessin - Etude avant portrait

Etude avant portrait

Etude avant portrait - Philippe

Etude avant portrait – Philippe

Cédric - Etude avant portrait

Cédric – Etude avant portrait


Dessin - Ruines du château de Hédé

Ruines du château de Hédé

Dessin - Maison de campagne bretonne

Maison de campagne bretonne

Dessin - Vieux Rennes

Vieux – Rennes

Dessin - Rue des Dames - Rennes

Rue des Dames – Rennes

Dessin - Maisons de la Place des Lices à Rennes

Maisons de la Place des Lices à Rennes

Dessin - Rue Pont aux Foulons - Rennes 1974

Rue Pont aux Foulons à Rennes

Dessin - Maisons à colombages - Rennes

Maisons à colombages – Rennes